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Elegant words and melancholia as deep motivation: Teer Latzo´s poetry

It's always wonderful to be elegant; it's always fashionable to have grace in every word.  The idea of exalted love presented in his poem effectively illustrates the melancholy hero who attempts to overcome fear, the loner and isolated through love. This voice can be motivated by hopelessness to become passionately and intensely involved in his poetic world.

How did you write your poem?

I typed it out into word.

Could you tell me about your favorite poems and writers...

I like Jack Kerouac for his powerhouse expression and Robert Frost for his gentle observations. You may think me crazy, but I also like the poetics of Beethoven. I think he is a masterful poet as a composer.

Never crazy. Great literary taste: two of the best known of all American poets and iconic composer. According to this, could you tell me about important themes in your poetry work?

Melancholy is a recurring theme in my works, whether it is about love or loss, it invades our beings and affects our lives. Also the strength of faith is there, because so many tend to let others persuade them to be ashamed of our own beliefs. If there is going to be an end of days and a second coming, many faithful will be lost because of shame.

Sometimes  suffering is so beautiful when you perceive poetry insight. Please, could you tell me more about you in Second Life?

I come into Second Life for the creativity, as we all know it can be quite lonely at times. So it is always a great pleasure to meet a fellow, such as yourself Bimala, I look forward to meeting others.

You are so gently. A true gentleman in action and words. You are absolutely not alone in SL.

Thank you for your kindness and your wonderful format for poets here in Second Life.

Melancholy is in the air: Devanahousha Second Life writer is feeling happier through a fateful poetry time.

He is Devanahousha and this is his depressed stance and it made a lot of difference how he stand writing this wonderful poem called by the name of “Snake of Wrath”, our Second Place Award.

How did you write your beautiful poem "Snake of Wrath"?

 - I wrote when I felt unhappy

So sorry Devanahousha. The best thing you can do is hold your head high because you wrote a beautiful poem through this.  So please  tell me about your favorite poems and writers

 - French writers, and others… 

Some of the most invaluable contributions to literature have come from famous french writers. Could you tell me about important themes in your poetry work?

 - Spleen

"This causeless melancholy that comes with rain"…Please, tell me more about you in Second Life.  

- Being anonymous.  I try to be the most close with RL mind

Being anonymous on the Internet is so hard… Again, my deep and profound thanks for your time and the prospect of continuing participation. 

sábado, 10 de mayo de 2014

A beautiful poem dedicated to Nature: “Pollination of love” by miss Subtlety Dalglish

Miss Subtlety Dalglish´s poetry is so intense, deeply erotic and sultry exotic ambience. How did you write your poem Pollination of love?

I just to love to watch butterflies, and other insects, along with birds as a child.   Those memories brought about the idea of the piece, "Pollination."

Nature  is a beautiful thing…You made so good…Tell me about your favorite poems and writers, please…

I love Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni and poets and writers from which is where I began writing.

Wow, I see great voices of contemporary literature.  Could you tell me about important themes in your poetry work?

Much of the theme in my writing is romance and eroticism.   But I have also written a number of inspirational pieces.

Best sexy poems…You increase the temperature. Could you  tell me more about you in sl.

Me in SL is mostly about singing and spitting poetry (audio poetry) on Mic.

Kathryn Audurburgh bares her soul in this first interview.

She reveals about how her prosy style, personal taste in poetry and how she enjoys building flowers and plants in SL.

How did you write your winner poem?

I was in front of my laptop, I don't remember what it was I was working on, then I saw how green the trees in my window are, so I grabbed my pen and my poetry notebook and started writing. (yeah, I'm in front of the laptop and i didnt type my poem right away, I had to write it first, haha)

Many poets still write on paper. Please, tell me about your favorites poems in real life

Honestly I don't have a favorite poem, but I like some poets work, they are not very popular but as long as I can relate to their work I would always follow their work.

I think there’s too much poetry out there. Tell me about important themes in your poetry work

Most of my work are tagged, "rejects corner", emotions i feel during my daily life and a little bit of philosophy
I could say that your poems are habitually styled as small and skinny.

What do you think about this first poetry competition?

Thank you! I loved it, I have been looking for poetry groups here, and it’s my first time to join a contest…

Your poetry is full of metaphor how did you related love with colors and daily images?

I wanted to show that love is everywhere because we are all the product of love. But I can't pack everything on a single poem, so I decided that love can be seen in all the colors, your color your own interpretation of love.

Tell me more about you in
Second Life

If I'm ever on SL, I would be on a sandbox either opening boxes of things I bought on the marketplace or building flowers or plants which I sell. If I'm not in the mood to build I go to trivia cafes and answer trivia questions, while checking my tiny empire huds. Presently I'm exploring SL ballroom clubs because I'm planning on selling flowers in world  again. I have made a few sl inspired poems too which I use to post on my picks tab, but i deleted them already, because the messages don't apply to me on sl anymore, ;-)

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The winners revealed

Tagore Poetry Competition

Second Life, 03 of May 2014

Dear Participants:

Inaugurated by the Second Life group called “Gitanjali Indian Society”, Tagore Poetry Competition 2014, after along four months event, the contest has come to an end. We had received important amount of submissions in April and it was a blast going through them all.  We want to thank everyone that has participated and we hope you had pleasure with it. Your participation was very valuable to me. There was a lot of great material presented. I appreciated your effort very much and the time you devoted to take part in this contest.  I have enjoyed reading your poems this poetic summer. I have read all of them meticulously. You made me feel and live your poetic reality more than once time.

I have discovered confessional styles; many colloquial voices reproducing every day imagines. In this regard, I appreciate the language and rhetoric resources of the contestants and how they build poetical fictional world even using street smart language. There were also a surprising number of traditional forms.  Most entries, however, were in free verse, narrative poems, though sometimes charmingly sentimental.
Any way, I don’t  really want to extend this comment and here are the result:

First prize: “Spectrum” by Kathryn Audurburgh
Second prize: “Snake of Wrath” by  Devanahousha Resident
Third prize: “Almost” by  Jolene Sabetha
Honorable mention 1: “Pollination of love” by  Subtlety Dalglish
Honorable mention 2: “I see you”- By LeonidasXVI
Honorable mention 3: “When the world turns upside down” by  Teer Latzo


There was an important response to this first competition. I received 25 poems.  This time the participants could enter however many times they wanted using their alters. The topic was about love and we know love is possibly the most popular of all poetry themes. Even that you will see many variations.

When I read this little poem called “Spectrum”, my systemic analysis paused and listened attentive, because this poem conjured up moments of astonishment and wonder.  Love is the most amazing thing in our lives. It is what makes us human, what makes life worth living.   It recalled me the Bob George´s song: “Love is Love”, because “Spectrum” has musical rhythm. It searches vainly the verse in its compositions, even when the semantic power it sustains in itself, using some regular sounds and natural cycles such as constant reminders of life’s pulsing beat that moves within and around us. I have appreciated its metaphors, all related with daily live, family, love, anatomy, time, all of them mixed with one color it affects moods, feelings, and emotions. In the end it came down to subjective taste. Sorry, I did my  best.

About the second prize award, “Snake of Wrath”, I loved the darker side of love, such as passion, forbidden love, and feelings of betrayal. Love is pain too. After reading to this poem a few times I had a headache. The best technical of death. The image of owl and love is a great contrast. It was taken from a song. Is okay to me. It enriched the poem. Great mixed of nature symbols. The animals express some attribute. They are psychological and spiritual symbols invoked in the middle of romantic storm.  

About the third poem, “Almost” I loved the language in this narrative poem. Love is a labyrinth of suffering inside this wild city where love is dying in shady buildings. In our fast-paced chaotic city, which boasts all sorts of different people, we find ourselves skimming through more affairs in order to find that one person who can truly open our locks. This is a very strong poem and very different too. Can this poetic voice live without love?  Love gives life meaning. How superficial  is this worldly life without love.  

Honor Mentions:
“Pollination of love”
Great metaphor of beauty, delicacy and sensuality.  Love such as movement of live, fertilization and joy. This metaphor is the cold knife in your side baby. So sexy how butterflies help pollinate flowers  

“I see you”
I see you is a very nice alliteration. I see you and I see the love. The poetic voice is deeply in love, he often describes the impression of being intoxicated with ecstasy for his beloved.  Great descriptions of seeming romantic love is an illusion to the all-inclusive pure, divine love.  

“When the world turns upside down”
She is  someone who has locks that fit  his keys. She represents the epitome of love and partnership. Very nice language and good grammar in my humble opinion.  

It was an enormously time-consuming process to judge this first competition, because of the difficulty of feeling your poems properly in English, so I had to evaluate them carefully a number of times. It was a very rewarding process too. I felt honored to meet you all through your words. Once again thank you very much dear participants.  I know we love our creations and consider them as much as your own child and how to criticize to your beautiful kids. Once again: thank you very much!
Best regards
Bimala Tagore 

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Watch angels die

Stars shoot in the distance.
 I connect make your
name out of constellations
and draw your face with moon dust.
 We held hand while laying in an
imaginary flower garden,
gazing.through tree branches
listening to birds singing our song
 like angels playing harps
and faeries. dancing. with. butterflies
across the sparking ocean waters.
but you were far more beautiful
than any other miracle I've stumbled upon.
 and when I stumbled, I. fell.
 and you caught. me.
holding my waist like a delicate

tear drop.

words just seem so meaningless
when I. cant. hear. over the pounding
of your heart against my ear.
that is the only language I know.
you are kisses in the .... rain,
smothered in morning dew.
a song that cant be sung.
forbidden for its perfection.
but I'd take that risk and sing your
name to the clouds.

 and watch angels die.

Author: Freyja Sadurian


Love is blue
with all its hues
the sky at early dawn
and the sea that reflects it at noon

Love is green
with all its shades
from the mint in your glass
to the trees that surrounds us

Love is yellow
like the sun in the day
and the moon at night

its a light that shines bright

Love is red
like the blood that flows in you
and the heart that tells you
its true

Love can be black
if you want it to be so
Love can be purple
orange or indigo

But Love can never be white
You need to see all the colors
to make sure

your love is right

Author: kathryn Audurburgh


New vistas call to me
unrolling maps through my mind
calling my self to escape its skin.

I can almost clasp souls
with the lives around me

in a city whose pulse
seeks the rhythm of my wandering legs
upon the crest of a hill
where my throat aches for sweet stone waters.

But always I hold myself back, tethered to waiting,
needing you beside me, in that city, on that hilltop

selves joined at last
and calling out
doors and windows opening
to spirits pouring in.

Author: Jolene Sabetha

Earth is an eye

Rolling like a ball
And I'm a tear
Who flows

Life is a leaf
Moving its shadow
And I'm in the tree
Who falls

Snake of wrath

Snake of wrath, owl of love,
Eager to cast the fear around,
Pour to me a full glass of torment !

Everlasting shout, warming pain,
Heartbreak, overturn, poor soul,
Lead me back to the wall !

Broken cloud, all black, whirl,
Blind mind, fly fast and me wonder,
Throw me out of this sham world !

Raise up the mist around me,
Lower arms, leave my turn,
Star of luck and dance of love !

Who is to blame, who is to love ?
Let others in love go away

Be lost in the night for ever.

Author: Devanahousha resident

Yes or No

Yes, or no is definitely the answer, picking off petals as we meander
in fields of yellow and white flowers, a child-like passing away of hours
Does he love me or does he not; we know the answer that we want
sometimes not is the outcome; no mind, we try again and then some

Silly child-like game it is for sure; not unlike many others and more
involving innocence and purity of heart; the answer--not cared before we start

Silly and nonsensical game 'tis true; frolicking under skies of blue
No cares, woes, or sorrow from results; no worries as a child, so unlike adults
who pine away at hoping for reality of yes; not like children who play and guess

Nothing wrong with playing games happily;  just remember 'tis certainly not reality.

Author: Ladybarbara Roxley

Quiet lover

There are things on my mind can only express with a pen
things that puzzle me.... don't want to ruin our thing

I went in  well aware you belonged to another....
aware we gotta do our thing undercover
but some times my mind drifts on you with your significant other

What would my life be if I had you "like" regular in it...
only see each other when you can spare a minute

It's neither one of our faults we fell in love....
was something we both could not hold back from

There are things on my mind can only express with a pen
things that puzzle me don't want to ruin our thing

You are in me and I am in you;  all things no matter what we do

Where we are, who we are with;  doesn't matter because we have that click

You love me with a love that's like none other

because you are my (sh-h-h) quiet lover

Author: JazzVenus Resident

Pollination of love

Every sun-drenched morning,
butterflies dance happily in my flower garden,
caressing each bloom, drawing luscious, sweet nectar from my beautiful
yellow daffodils, leaving behind traces of pollen from sources unknown.

Metaphorically, speaking one could say that butterflies
have intense sexual appetites for this act of love goes on
day after day after day.....makes you wonder do they ever tire?

They carry pieces of pollen from my garden leaving bits
of it inside of beauties elsewhere.  

One could say they are really quite promiscuous little things.

Whatever the case may be, this act of  love
pollinates my flowers and flowers all over the world
so that they may bloom year after year in glorious
splendor for all to enjoy.

Author: Subtlety Dalglish

When the world turns upside down

And when I saw her dance I knew
I knew on all accounts
It was her that I belonged
That heart had flooded my own
I swam for the shores

Breathless in loves immensity
I lay upon the sands of time
Longing for this one
Knowing she was there
The fish of my sea
The muse to my tale
The anchor of my sail

The locks all blew off
Doors flew from there hinges
Furniture took to the skies
Yellow floral sofa against the solitary blue

Windows open within the air
White draperies in cloudless waves
Slacks fit like a glove
Shirts go on one leg at a time
And ties on all my fingers.

- Ramccolley (c) 2014