sábado, 3 de mayo de 2014

Yes or No

Yes, or no is definitely the answer, picking off petals as we meander
in fields of yellow and white flowers, a child-like passing away of hours
Does he love me or does he not; we know the answer that we want
sometimes not is the outcome; no mind, we try again and then some

Silly child-like game it is for sure; not unlike many others and more
involving innocence and purity of heart; the answer--not cared before we start

Silly and nonsensical game 'tis true; frolicking under skies of blue
No cares, woes, or sorrow from results; no worries as a child, so unlike adults
who pine away at hoping for reality of yes; not like children who play and guess

Nothing wrong with playing games happily;  just remember 'tis certainly not reality.

Author: Ladybarbara Roxley

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