sábado, 3 de mayo de 2014

Watch angels die

Stars shoot in the distance.
 I connect the.dots.to make your
name out of constellations
and draw your face with moon dust.
 We held hand while laying in an
imaginary flower garden,
gazing.through tree branches
listening to birds singing our song
 like angels playing harps
and faeries. dancing. with. butterflies
across the sparking ocean waters.
but you were far more beautiful
than any other miracle I've stumbled upon.
 and when I stumbled, I. fell.
 and you caught. me.
holding my waist like a delicate

tear drop.

words just seem so meaningless
when I. cant. hear. over the pounding
of your heart against my ear.
that is the only language I know.
you are kisses in the .... rain,
smothered in morning dew.
a song that cant be sung.
forbidden for its perfection.
but I'd take that risk and sing your
name to the clouds.

 and watch angels die.

Author: Freyja Sadurian

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