viernes, 16 de mayo de 2014

Melancholy is in the air: Devanahousha Second Life writer is feeling happier through a fateful poetry time.

He is Devanahousha and this is his depressed stance and it made a lot of difference how he stand writing this wonderful poem called by the name of “Snake of Wrath”, our Second Place Award.

How did you write your beautiful poem "Snake of Wrath"?

 - I wrote when I felt unhappy

So sorry Devanahousha. The best thing you can do is hold your head high because you wrote a beautiful poem through this.  So please  tell me about your favorite poems and writers

 - French writers, and others… 

Some of the most invaluable contributions to literature have come from famous french writers. Could you tell me about important themes in your poetry work?

 - Spleen

"This causeless melancholy that comes with rain"…Please, tell me more about you in Second Life.  

- Being anonymous.  I try to be the most close with RL mind

Being anonymous on the Internet is so hard… Again, my deep and profound thanks for your time and the prospect of continuing participation. 

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