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Kathryn Audurburgh bares her soul in this first interview.

She reveals about how her prosy style, personal taste in poetry and how she enjoys building flowers and plants in SL.

How did you write your winner poem?

I was in front of my laptop, I don't remember what it was I was working on, then I saw how green the trees in my window are, so I grabbed my pen and my poetry notebook and started writing. (yeah, I'm in front of the laptop and i didnt type my poem right away, I had to write it first, haha)

Many poets still write on paper. Please, tell me about your favorites poems in real life

Honestly I don't have a favorite poem, but I like some poets work, they are not very popular but as long as I can relate to their work I would always follow their work.

I think there’s too much poetry out there. Tell me about important themes in your poetry work

Most of my work are tagged, "rejects corner", emotions i feel during my daily life and a little bit of philosophy
I could say that your poems are habitually styled as small and skinny.

What do you think about this first poetry competition?

Thank you! I loved it, I have been looking for poetry groups here, and it’s my first time to join a contest…

Your poetry is full of metaphor how did you related love with colors and daily images?

I wanted to show that love is everywhere because we are all the product of love. But I can't pack everything on a single poem, so I decided that love can be seen in all the colors, your color your own interpretation of love.

Tell me more about you in
Second Life

If I'm ever on SL, I would be on a sandbox either opening boxes of things I bought on the marketplace or building flowers or plants which I sell. If I'm not in the mood to build I go to trivia cafes and answer trivia questions, while checking my tiny empire huds. Presently I'm exploring SL ballroom clubs because I'm planning on selling flowers in world  again. I have made a few sl inspired poems too which I use to post on my picks tab, but i deleted them already, because the messages don't apply to me on sl anymore, ;-)

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