sábado, 10 de mayo de 2014

A beautiful poem dedicated to Nature: “Pollination of love” by miss Subtlety Dalglish

Miss Subtlety Dalglish´s poetry is so intense, deeply erotic and sultry exotic ambience. How did you write your poem Pollination of love?

I just to love to watch butterflies, and other insects, along with birds as a child.   Those memories brought about the idea of the piece, "Pollination."

Nature  is a beautiful thing…You made so good…Tell me about your favorite poems and writers, please…

I love Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni and poets and writers from paltalk.com which is where I began writing.

Wow, I see great voices of contemporary literature.  Could you tell me about important themes in your poetry work?

Much of the theme in my writing is romance and eroticism.   But I have also written a number of inspirational pieces.

Best sexy poems…You increase the temperature. Could you  tell me more about you in sl.

Me in SL is mostly about singing and spitting poetry (audio poetry) on Mic.

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