sábado, 3 de mayo de 2014

Earth is an eye

Rolling like a ball
And I'm a tear
Who flows

Life is a leaf
Moving its shadow
And I'm in the tree
Who falls

Snake of wrath

Snake of wrath, owl of love,
Eager to cast the fear around,
Pour to me a full glass of torment !

Everlasting shout, warming pain,
Heartbreak, overturn, poor soul,
Lead me back to the wall !

Broken cloud, all black, whirl,
Blind mind, fly fast and me wonder,
Throw me out of this sham world !

Raise up the mist around me,
Lower arms, leave my turn,
Star of luck and dance of love !

Who is to blame, who is to love ?
Let others in love go away

Be lost in the night for ever.

Author: Devanahousha resident

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