viernes, 16 de mayo de 2014

Elegant words and melancholia as deep motivation: Teer Latzo´s poetry

It's always wonderful to be elegant; it's always fashionable to have grace in every word.  The idea of exalted love presented in his poem effectively illustrates the melancholy hero who attempts to overcome fear, the loner and isolated through love. This voice can be motivated by hopelessness to become passionately and intensely involved in his poetic world.

How did you write your poem?

I typed it out into word.

Could you tell me about your favorite poems and writers...

I like Jack Kerouac for his powerhouse expression and Robert Frost for his gentle observations. You may think me crazy, but I also like the poetics of Beethoven. I think he is a masterful poet as a composer.

Never crazy. Great literary taste: two of the best known of all American poets and iconic composer. According to this, could you tell me about important themes in your poetry work?

Melancholy is a recurring theme in my works, whether it is about love or loss, it invades our beings and affects our lives. Also the strength of faith is there, because so many tend to let others persuade them to be ashamed of our own beliefs. If there is going to be an end of days and a second coming, many faithful will be lost because of shame.

Sometimes  suffering is so beautiful when you perceive poetry insight. Please, could you tell me more about you in Second Life?

I come into Second Life for the creativity, as we all know it can be quite lonely at times. So it is always a great pleasure to meet a fellow, such as yourself Bimala, I look forward to meeting others.

You are so gently. A true gentleman in action and words. You are absolutely not alone in SL.

Thank you for your kindness and your wonderful format for poets here in Second Life.

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