sábado, 3 de mayo de 2014

Pollination of love

Every sun-drenched morning,
butterflies dance happily in my flower garden,
caressing each bloom, drawing luscious, sweet nectar from my beautiful
yellow daffodils, leaving behind traces of pollen from sources unknown.

Metaphorically, speaking one could say that butterflies
have intense sexual appetites for this act of love goes on
day after day after day.....makes you wonder do they ever tire?

They carry pieces of pollen from my garden leaving bits
of it inside of beauties elsewhere.  

One could say they are really quite promiscuous little things.

Whatever the case may be, this act of  love
pollinates my flowers and flowers all over the world
so that they may bloom year after year in glorious
splendor for all to enjoy.

Author: Subtlety Dalglish

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